Sunday, January 9, 2011

Anatomy of an asshole

I'm Althea (not my real name, duh!!) and this blog is being created to expose
one of the most pathetic men (and I use the term extremely loosely, believe me)
I had the misfortune of knowing. And I know him because my
closest friend has the misfortune of dating him for about 9 years now.

Of course I’m talking about RAY

The reason I’m doing this is because she is a wonderful person with a huge heart
who had the bad luck of falling hopelessly in love with him the moment she saw him.
He is a survivor, has street smarts and reeled her in right away taking from her the best years of her life and having her live in conditions that most of us would find deplorable.
And all that because she loves him and will do anything to please him which of course he uses to his advantage. Now, I’m not saying she’s perfect, none of us is. But for him she is wayyy more than a fatal virus like him deserves. She has taken to wearing the pants in their “family” simply because he will not. He just can’t be bothered to grow up and be a responsible adult. Like lots of us, she had done some drugs in her past but this guy, makes sure she keeps doing them even when she'd rather not and even when her health is in danger because she has serious health risk problems since birth. When she becomes numb on the whole one side of her body, he just tells her to sleep it off and he's off to go listen to music on his computer. Such concern!!!
He just don’t care about anyone but his own ass. He is purposely being anti social to her friends and family, that way isolating her from the people who truly care for her and can be a positive influence on her. He keeps telling her she’s not worthy of him cause he’s such an extraordinary man (if one can call him that, I prefer parasite personally) and that she always lets him down the moment she tries to stand up for her self therefore destroying any chance she has for freeing her self of him.
We (her real friends) and her family try constantly to get her to understand how she’s being abused and she sees it!! She knows!!!. She doesn’t want to live like this anymore, that’s what she tells us. But when she goes home and he starts sweet talking to her and cons her, all she feels and wants for herself, goes out the window to be replaced by unhappiness once again.
Somehow, he has this power over her that keeps her enslaved to him and short of violence, we don’t know how to save her from him. But we will figure out how he does it. No one has the right to treat a woman this way.

Anyways…. he is a lazy, abusive, manipulating parasite living on the back of the taxpayers and my friend, who truly enjoys staying home smoking weed or being out riding and smoking weed, or just smoking weed and popping a couple of pills and abusing the woman whose feet he should be kissing for giving him a roof over his clouded head and putting food on the table and paying his dope and bills. In short, he should be thanking her for being the MAN he could NEVER be.

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